We began with a vision to bring the best accounting services at the best possible price. Aurora meaning sunrise, and Delmont meaning “on the mountain”, our name Aurora Delmont translates to sunrise on the mountain. We can help you or your business surmount what feels like an impossible mountain of challenges and see the sunrise.

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Other accounting firms are stuck in the methods and mindset of the 20th century with a billable hours model and antiquated work that has been rolled forward for years with little very little innovation.

We take a different philosophy at Aurora Delmont. We charge based on the job, not by the hour. The billable hour used to be a useful metric by which to measure work. In the increasingly digital and automated environment, the billable hour model leaves the incentive for efficiencies out of the discussion. Why would members of a firm improve their efficiency if it meant fewer billable hours, and therefore less pay?

We place an emphasis on innovation and efficiency to bring you the best services at the best possible price. We are concerned with giving a great quality service and are not concerned with the worries of needing to penny-pinch hours. We are part of a growing group of firms looking to change and move away from a billable hours model.

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